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Sharkbytes Podcast: A Rise in State Tech to Local Government – To Protecting the Endpoints

A Conversation with Chris Cruz, Chief Information Officer (State, Local, Education) at Tanium, and former Director and CIO San Joaquin County, California.

Listening to Chris Cruz, security it is all about protecting the endpoints. While CIO San Joaquin County, the county was named as a leader in the prestigious 2020 Digital Counties Survey due in large part the Chris Cruz’s leadership. San Joaquin County runs a demanding IT infrastructure connecting thousands of endpoint devices and supporting everything from local education services and law enforcement to the court system and healthcare facilities. Such complexity can be the enemy of effective IT security and operations. Chris actually spent most of his career in State government as California’s Deputy CIO, Department of Technology; Deputy Director and CIO for the California Department of Health Care Services; and Agency CIO, California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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