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Sharkbytes Podcast: What Local Governments Need to Know About Aerial Robotics

Bob serves on CompTIA’s Drone Advisory Council and shares his insights about how this technology can be a money-saver for local governments. A software architect and business executive, Mr. Dahlstrom is currently CEO for Apellix a company that develops precision software controlled aerial robotics systems. These aerial robots were designed to physically contact or fly in very close proximity to structures, to paint, clean, and measure them, and is able to autonomously complete maintenance, cleaning, coating and measurement tasks.

Before evolving into a tech entrepreneur, Bob was a full-time faculty member at Florida State University, worked for the Florida Legislature, and worked at AT&T Microelectronics where he wrote his first computer program in 1986. Bob is adamant that software is “eating the world” and loves having the vision, passion, and experience to work with a team of amazing people to design and create software controlled robotic systems that modify the built environment, keep people out of harm's way, and help save lives.

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