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New Podcast Series, Sharkbytes, Takes A Deep Dive into Local Government Technology Leadership

By Dr. Alan R. Shark, Executive Director of CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute

This week CompTIA’s newest podcast series will be launched Thursday May 7. It will be called Sharkbytes for good measure as I will be interviewing CIOs and other tech leaders throughout the local government space -both across the nation as well as internationally. The series will focus on contemporary issues facing tech leaders managing city and county operations. The first few episodes will focus on COVID-19 related challenges and will branch into other areas such as critical public safety information sharing, and the transformation from e-government to digital service delivery. This includes the importance of customer (citizen) facing services as well as developing strategies that lead to best-of-class citizen experience techniques.

Emerging tech will also be featured and the podcast series will highlight innovation at the local level including cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, drones, cloud, citizen engagement, digital service delivery, IT modernization, and smart cities to name just a few.The series will also delve into tech careers and learn from the pros on how they navigated their careers as they share their stories regarding the ups and downs they’ve encountered along the way.

The intended audience is rather broad and designed to appeal to those already in the profession as well as those aspiring to advance in the ranks of leadership in local government. The series should also appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of local government tech, their priorities, their challenges, and their search for new solutions.

You can subscribe to Sharkbytes by first going to either the Apple App Store or Google Play. By subscribing you can receive alerts when new episodes are available. New episodes will appear every other Thursday. Sharkbytes is designed to be easily digestible – with episodes ranging plus or minus 30 to 40 minutes.

Finally, if you have some ideas regarding topics you would like to see covered or people you think I should invite to be part of the program – just let me know!

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