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2019 Cyber Security Survey Results: Strategy and Leadership

The Big Picture: Cyber Strategy and Leadership

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Senior Manager, 202-626-2456.

Insight from a national survey on cyber security and local government: Part 1

75% of cities and counties respond that their local government has a cyber security plan designed to protect their information systems from attack and to provide steps for recovery in case of attack.

PTI along with the National League of Cities conducted the 2019 National Survey of Local Government Cyber Security Programs. The intent: to identify how cities and counties are addressing cyber security within their respective organizations.

This is part one in of a series of three infographics produced from the survey. This infographic looks at The Big Picture and focuses on strategy and leadership support. This week, as a part of PTI's October/Cyber Security Awareness month activities, PTI will be releasing additional infographics citing other aspects of the survey results.

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