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Analytics: How does your I.T. Department support the needs of other customers?

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456

PTI recently conducted the State of City and County Information Technology (IT) national survey. One of the questions asked How do you service the analytics needs of your customer base?:

56% responded that the I.T. Department provides tools
42% responded that their organization's approach is ad hoc
36% responded that the I.T. Department performs analytics on behalf of customers
20% responded that the I.T. Department has no role

A Coordinated Approach

PTI advocates the design of a coordinated approach for the use of data analytics within the enterprise. The city or county manager should serve as champion with the I.T. Department providing the necessary tools and expertise to allow other departments to access and share information related to their program areas.

A number of local governments are creating the position of Chief Data Officer to oversee performance analytics, while others rely on the I.T. executive to perform that function. The bottom line here is direct access to key decision-makers, and having a well-planned and sustainable strategy that actively engages other areas of the enterprise is vital. Analytics for better decision making should not be seen as a "hot" concept or fad that disappears off the radar screen of local governments after a year or two.

To view all the responses to this question, download the infographic.

The intent of the survey is to provide an insightful look at the technology issues and priorities of local government IT. The survey also explored

  • Which emerging I.T. areas will have the most impact on local governments in the next 3–5 years?
  • The Local Government Approach to Delivering Digital Services
  • Smart City/County Strategy and the Role of the Information Technology Department
  • What's the status of the cybersecurity program and environment in your local government?

( Download the Infographic )