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Call for Authors: Leading Practices in Digital Service Delivery

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456.

With the rapid development of social and civic media tools, enhanced staff development and leadership, and the digitalization of just about everything, the PTI is issuing this Call for Authors for the creation of a book designed to serve as a guide for current and future stewards of digital services delivery in government.

Digital Service Delivery for Government - Emerging Trends & Practices is aimed towards public sector managers, web managers, social media professionals, public information officers, CIOs and CAOs as well as faculty and administrators who are actively teaching in the web/e-government/digital services sector. As with most PTI publications, rather than rely on one voice or on one single point of view, this book will highlight a variety of lessons-learned and leading practices from practitioners in the field.

Digital Service Delivery for Government – Emerging Trends & Practices will be utilized as a text book for the Certified Government Digital Services Professional (CGDSP) program that is presented by PTI and Rutgers University Center for Government Services and endorsed by the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW).

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