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What’s Your Government’s Digital Service Strategy?

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456

What are the elements to an effective digital strategy?

For many local governments, their approach to delivering digital services is ad-hoc and not defined. As the number and variety of digital communications tools increases and more customers utilize government web services, PTI advocates that local governments create a strategy for digital services delivery.

In July-August 2018 PTI conducted the State of City and County Information Technology (IT) national survey. One of the questions asked: What is your approach to delivering digital government services? To find out how local government IT executives responded and to learn more about PTI’s key elements of an effective digital strategy, download the infographic.

The intent of the survey is to provide an insightful look at the technology issues and priorities of local government IT. This is the eighth year that PTI has conducted this survey. Over the coming weeks PTI will release an infographic highlighting various aspects of the survey results, along with recommendations for local officials to consider as they explore these topics.

Recently released topics include cybersecurity and emerging technologies that will impact government.

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