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Local Governments: Celebrating Responsive Service to the Public on 311 Day

In 2002, the City of Baltimore was the first city in the country to launch 311 as an intake center for all service request and requests for general information from citizens and visitors. Over the years, many cities and counties have modeled Baltimore's 311 and have implemented 311 call centers internationally.

On March 11, 2018 local governments of all sizes are using this date - 3/11 - to showcase and to celebrate how they are using 311 and centralized contact centers to provide a coordinated and seamless approach to service delivery.

For many communities, contact centers have become the face of government to the public. With the implementation of 311 systems, web and civic media, and apps which allow the public to make service requests and enables direct interact with government officials, local governments are setting new standards for citizen participation.

PTI encourages city and county governments that are using 311 and centralized contact centers to use March 11 (3/11) as an opportunity to promote your efforts to provide for responsive service to the public. Examples might be a proclamation from the mayor or a feature on your website highlighting how your engagement efforts have impacted the public.

PTI Partners with the 311 National Executive Leadership Council

PTI is also pleased to announce that it has partnered with the 311 National Executive Leadership Council to promote best practices and provide leadership resources to all local governments regarding implementation of 311-type initiatives. The 311 National Executive Leadership Council is comprised of seven cities that are respected as leaders in the industry. The Executive Council has gained the respect of many public and private organizations in its efforts to promote excellence in government customer service.

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