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2016 PTI GIS Vision Award

PTI Staff Contact: Ronda Mosley, Deputy Executive Director for Research and Government Services, 937-667-4142

The Public Technology Institute (PTI) Board of Directors recognizes Kevin Bell who has received the 2016 PTI GIS Vision Award. This prestigious annual award is presented to outstanding individuals who have contributed to advancing enterprise-wide GIS, articulated a clear vision and recognized innovation, demonstrated leadership, and served as a spokesperson/champion for the use of GIS across and within the city, county or State.

Solar Modeling

Bell used high resolution LiDAR to compute the solar potential of every square meter of the entirety of Salt Lke County, accounting for shadows cast by trees and buildings. Using optimized algorithms that he wrote in Python, he ran a 32 core server w/ 100 GB of RAM at 80% capacity for a month the generate the result. Bell did all the GIS work, and a local non-profit, Utah Clean Energy, put together the content for the site. Give it a try!

Urban Agriculture/Food security

As an Urban Homesteader in Bell's spare time, he has always been interested in how much food can be produced in little plots around the city. As part of the Mayor of Salt Lake City's Livability agenda, Bell used LiDAR to filter out tree canopy, buildings and hardscape to estimate the amount of arable land for every residential parcel in Salt Lake City. Bell also works with local community garden organizations, and uses this website to encourage people to get outside and working on providing for themselves.