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2016 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition

PTI Staff Contact: Ronda Mosley

This year's Battle of the Buildings is a chance for organizations across the country to transform their buildings into lean, green, energy-saving machines in just 90 days—with the ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP!

Join the fun and team up with ENERGY STAR to engage your building occupants and employees, and build a workplace culture of energy conservation. Enroll up to five buildings today to:

  • Cut out energy and water waste, and save money on utility bills.
  • Earn recognition from EPA and your community for environmental leadership.
  • Engage employees and boost workplace pride.
  • Deliver value to tenants in the form of a more efficient workplace.
  • Achieve lasting benefits for your bottom line in just three months.
  • Demonstrate the value of sustainability to decision makers.
  • Use EPA-provided resources to save time and effort!

It doesn't take long to make changes that reduce your energy bill for years to come.

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