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2015 Technology Solutions Awards Winners Announced

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen

An independent panel of judges has identified the recipients of PTI's 2015 Technology Solutions Awards. This year the competition featured a wide array of interesting and innovative entries and PTI salutes and applauds all the participants and their entries! The list below highlights the winners and other recipients of recognition. Thank you to all local governments who participated in this awards program!

Population Categories: A. 1-99,999  B. 100,000-349,999  C. 350,000-749,999  D. 750,000+



Alexandria, VA (B) Forensic Analysis Across the Wire

Mesa, AZ (C) Mesa’s Cyber Defense Program

Sacramento County, CA (D) Sacramento County’s Information Security Defense in Depth Program

New Jersey (State) NJ Creates New Cyber-DR-COOP Assessment Tool and Shares IT With Other States



Santa Monica, CA (A) Transparency, Collaboration, and Third Party Applications Through Open Data

Williamsburg, VA (A) Performance Management System

Durham, NC (B) Technology Solutions Department (TS) Makes House Calls

Boston, MA (C) Permitting Performance Analytics

San Mateo County, CA (C) San Mateo County uses technology to foster open government and community engagement

Alameda County, CA (D) Alameda County Open Data Sharing Initiative

Sacramento County, CA (D) The Performance Dashboard: Using a Business Intelligence Platform to Transform Public Assistance Programs


Durham, NC (B) Open Data Project: City and County of Durham

Mesa, AZ (C) Mesa Tax Portal

Sacramento County, CA (D) 311 – from Service to Solutions



Altamonte Springs, FL (A) Address Project – Field Verification Phase

Los Alamos County, NM (A) Cooperative acquisition of aerial orthoimagery

Bellevue, WA (B) Projects In Your Neighborhood Maps

Raleigh, NC (C) UDO Zoning Remapping Application

Alameda County, CA (D) Alameda County Fire - SitStat System

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) iWASD Project Viewer

Montgomery County, MD (D) GIS Web Portal

Sacramento, CA (D) Master Address Geospatial Management Application


Altamonte Springs, FL (A) Air Release Valves

Rockingham County, NC (A) Pictometry Application Project

Alexandria, VA (B) GIS Parks Viewer (ParkLink)

Peoria, AZ (B) Business Centric GIS Intranet Viewers

Mesa, AZ (C) "Location, Location, Connectivity!"

Alameda County, CA (D) Assessor Field Canvassing Mobile App



Glendora, AZ (A) Colby Fire Emergency Response Efforts

Rockingham County, NC (A) Emergency Communications/911 PSAP Consolidation Project

Bellevue, WA (B) Police Field Interview Reporting

Peoria, AZ (B) Graffiti Incident Mapping Project

Mesa, AZ (C) The Data behind Mesa’s new Fire & Medical Department Community Care!

Alameda County, CA (D) Electronic Workflow for Probable Cause Declarations (PC DEC)

Montgomery County, MD (D) Criminal Justice Case Management System

Sacramento County, CA (D) Regional Radio Communications System: P25 and Single Site Conversion

New Jersey (State) NJDOT Operations MT-89 Receiving Report Payment Improvement Process


Alexandria, VA (B) CAD Replacement Project

Scottsdale, AZ (B) iOS Based Electronic Patient Care Reporting Transition

Alameda County, CA (D) Electronic Warrants Approval

Alameda County, CA (D) Emergency Preparedness – READY.ACGOV.ORG

Alameda County, CA (D) Urban Shield Mobile Web Application



Altamonte Springs, FL (A) City Wells

Durham, NC (B) Charge Ahead Durham – A social marketing campaign to encourage people to make small changes that add up to big environmental impact.

Mesa, AZ (C) SWIS! Solid Waste Information System!

Fairfax County, VA (D) Hands free Water Dispensing Systems Cut Energy Usage by 49%

Sacramento County, CA (D) Kiefer Landfill GPS Grade Control System


Fairfax County, VA (D) Fairfax County Athletic Courts Lighting Control

Sacramento County, CA (D) W-2s: Just a Mouse Click Away



Alexandria, VA (B) Institutional Network – 10 Gigabit Upgrade

Barnstable County, MA (B) Regional IT Services

Durham County, NC (B) Moving from Paper to Data…from Storage to Strategic

Scottsdale, AZ (B) Improving computing mobility through a secure, persistent tablet

Mesa, AZ (C) Criteria & Development-Based Promotion Program for Information Technology!

Raleigh, NC (C) Raleigh Connected

Charlotte, NC (D) City of Charlotte Enterprise Address Management Program: Targeting Address Accuracy

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) Miami-Dade County’s Cognos BI Servers Convert to Red Hat Linux

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) Miami-Dade County Private Cloud Backup and Recovery

San Jose, CA (D) Monetizing "Free" Technology


Alexandria, VA (B) Project and Portfolio Management Implementation Project

Durham, NC (B) Multi-Departmental Project Management Methodology and Software Solution

Durham, NC (B) Keep the Lights On (KTLO Program)

Montgomery County, MD (D) Tax Assessment System

Sacramento County, CA (D) Re-engineering our Network for Increased Security and Availability while Significantly Reducing Costs

New Jersey (State) New Jersey Keeps Pace with Application Development and Security Challenges by Producing Three Live Interactive Webinars with Analysts from England



Altamonte Springs, FL (A) Deploying User Friendly Mobile Apps for Field Data Collection

Bellevue, WA (B) Are you working on the City of Bellevue's Right-of-Way (ROW) now?!

Peoria, AZ (B) Accela Citizen Access enhancements - Electronic Plan Review (EDR) Pilot Project

Mesa, AZ (C) Mobile IT for Mesa’s New Health and Wellness Center!

Alameda County, CA (D) Alameda County Shuttle Mobile Web Application

Alameda County, CA (D) Registrar of Voters Lease Card System

Dallas, TX (D) Building Inspection Electronic Plan Review System (BI-EPRS)

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) Miami-Dade County's Vendor Portal

Montgomery County, MD (D) Montgomery County, MD Financial Transparency Suite

Pinellas County, FL (D) Doing Things for You! – Mobile app for Pinellas County, Municipal and Regional issue reporting

Sacramento County, CA (D) Mobile First! Sacramento County Implements Responsive Web Design


Bellevue, WA (B) Development Services Field Staff Go Mobile!

Durham, NC (B) Durham's Web 2.0

Scottsdale, AZ (B) City of Scottsdale Airport PPR

Alameda County, CA (D) Auditor Property Tax Information System (APTIS)

Alameda County, CA (D) Alameda County Position Request System

Alameda County, CA (D) Alameda County Election Mobile Apps Suite

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) Miami-Dade County's Credit and Collection Online Payment System

Miami-Dade County, FL (D) Miami-Dade County's Housing Loans Online Payment System

Montgomery County, MD (D) Montgomery County Council's Interactive Fiscal Plan

Sacramento County, CA (D) Service Management and Reporting Tool (SMART)

Sacramento County, CA (D) Cross-Connection Control Program Web Portal