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Technology and Public Management Textbook Now Available!

PTI Staff Contact: Alan Shark

At last, here is a textbook that covers the field of technology and public management in an informative and engaging style. Ever since the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration required greater infusion of technology into the curriculum, faculty and administrators have struggled with finding the right course materials designed specifically for the public administration environment.

Technology is no longer the sole domain of an information technology office, as it has evolved into a growing set of complex tools that influence every area of government. To be effective, every public manager needs to be actively engaged in technology decisions. This textbook is designed for students of public administration at every level who need to know and understand how technology can be applied in today’s public management workplace.

The book explores the latest trends in public management, policy, and technology and focuses on best practices on governance issues. Finally, this book provides real-life examples about the need for policies and procedures to safeguard our technology infrastructure while providing greater openness, participation, and transparency.

Technology and Public Management covers:

  • How information system design relates to democratic theory
  • How and where public policy and technology intersect
  • Skills and tools that are useful in information management, information technology, and systems dedicated for the effective flow of information within organizations
  • Understanding the role of e-government, m-government, and social media in today's society and in public organizations
  • Possibilities and challenges associated with technology applications within public organizations
  • How technology can be managed, through various governance models
  • The latest technology trends and their potential impact on public administration.

Two years in the making, this ground-breaking book is now available through its publisher, Routledge.