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The Digital Revolution in Higher Education: A New Book Presented by the Public Technology Institute

PTI Staff Contact: Alan Shark

Alexandria, VA, May 28, 2015 -- Higher education has come under increasing scrutiny as never before due to rising costs, changes in future job requirements, and new forms of learning opportunities offered by non-traditional companies and institutions. Public Technology Institute (PTI) has released the new book, The Digital Revolution in Higher Education that explores the advances of technology and how institutions of higher learning along with non-traditional organizations are utilizing powerful new tools to reshape and transform the learning environment.

These new tools include new mobile devices, enhanced and feature-rich learning management systems, data-feeding sensors, 3D printers, smart classrooms, smart buildings, and collaboration tools allowing students and faculty to collaborate just about anywhere face-to-face, virtually. Learn how this revolution will help reshape higher education thus transforming it toward the University of Everything.

Written by leading higher education professionals, each chapter offers unique insights into the opportunities and challenges that the digital revolution brings to higher education. This book, 238 pages in length, provides a brief and thoughtful vision from those closest to the system.

"This new book offers a comprehensive look at the present and future challenges of higher education, technology trends, a view from the faculty, a student perspective and a framework for the future and how to get there, all contained in one easy read" said Alan Shark, Executive Director of PTI and Executive Editor and Contributing Author.

The book is available for $14.95 in paperback or $9.95 in Kindle edition at this link.