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CIO Leadership for Cities & Counties

PTI Staff Contact: Alan Shark , Executive Director, 202-626-2445.

CIO Leadership for Cities & Counties: Emerging Trends & Practices contains 30 chapters by 36 authors that address the transformation of the CIO role; CIO as innovator; IT governance; managing expectations; “green IT”, policy, security, legal issues and more.

The authors are leading local government CIOs, former CIOs and experts from the technology sector and academia. Each chapter concludes with talking points or questions to help the reader retain key material.

“Today local government CIOs are having to maintain or even increase services, while coping with budget shortfalls and reductions in the workforce. This book offers case histories and tried-and-true practices that technology executives can tailor to meet their needs,” said Alan Shark, Executive Director of Public Technology Institute (PTI) and the book’s executive editor.

What They’re Saying

“As the role of the public sector CIO has increased in stature over the past decade, the materials to prepare that CIO have been sorely lacking. This book is the first comprehensive publication to successfully guide public CIOs through their various areas of responsibility, including policy, technology and management issues. Every public sector IT professional who works as a CIO or aspires to the CIO seat should invest in this exceptional read!”

Shannon Howle Tufts, PhD, Director, Center for Public Technology, UNC School of Government, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“This book is a must-have reference for anyone who manages technology in the local government. A great combination of theory and practice, the contributors to this volume have fought the battles and won the wars that keep local government in the forefront of real-world technology change. Hundreds of years of combined experience in organizations large and small address the enduring issues, the current challenges and the future opportunities that technology brings to government operations that are closest to citizens. This is an important book at an important time.”

Michael Armstrong, CIO, City of Corpus Christi, Texas


Part One: CIO Leadership & IT Governance

1. CIO Leadership for Cities and Counties:  An Evolving Role
Dr. Alan R. Shark

2. The New Frontier of Technology Leadership
Dr. Dena Hurst and Roderic R. Dugger III

3. Chief Information Officers: Leading Through Challenges and Change
Dr. Bruce W. Dearstyne

4. Transformation of the Local Government CTO/CIO
Dr. Norman Jacknis

5. IT Governance
John K. Beaird and Liza Lowery Massey

6. IT Consolidation: Tearing Down the Silos
Richard McKinney

7. Information Technology Governance
Adam J. Rujan

Part Two: Leadership & Innovation

8. Barcelona 2.0, A Major Business Transformation
Andreu Puig and Pilar Conesa

9. Innovation @ Work: Models that Drive Transparency, Engage Citizens and Lower the Cost of Government Operations
Vivek Kundra

10. The Incredible Pace of Incredible Change
David Behen with Judith Foy

11. Leading Innovation Creating Technology Foundations Through Regional Cooperation
George Danilovics

12. Building an Award-winning County Web Portal: A Case Study in Architecture, Collaboration, Governance and Project Management
Ivan Galic

Part Three: Technology Practices

13. Resiliency Planning and Continuity of Operations: Beyond Disaster Planning
Larry Chase

14. A CIO Perspective on Integrating Geo-Information Systems into IT
Alan Leidner

15. Network Operations and Security
Dr. Alan R. Shark

16. What Do CIOs Need to Know about Performance Measurement of E-Governance?
Dr. Marc Holzer, Aroon Manoharan and Younhee Kim

17. Project and Performance Management Tools
Avi Duvdevani with Sean Laffin

18. Cloud Computing
Mark Cleverley

19. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Michael H. Johnson, Sr.

20. Outsourcing vs. Insourcing – How to Assess, Manage and Evaluate
Clifford Clarke

21. The Greening of IT and Local Government
Mark Cleverley and Curtis Clark

22. Communications Law Issues in Technology Projects and Contract Negotiations
Frederick E. Ellrod III and Gail A. Karish

23. SaaS Gov: A Viable Public Sector Solution for Risky Times
AJ Malik

Part Four:  Human Resource Leadership & Management

24. Human Resource Management: Selecting and Maintaining Great Staff
Susan Allen

25. The Selection and Retention of Information Technology (IT) Staff
Don DeLoach

26. Navigating the Grey Areas: Ethical Actions and Decisions
Liza Lowery Massey

Part Five: Knowledge & Records Management

27. Knowledge Retention
Linda Blankenship

28. Evolving State of Records Management
Kimberly Nelson

29. E-Discovery
Gail A. Karish and Kenneth A. Brunetti

30. Proper Management of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Requires Collaboration of Technical and Legal Expertise
Frank Maguire