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Energy Star for Local Governments

PTI Staff Contact: Ronda Mosley , Deputy Executive Director for Research & Government Services, 937-667-4142.

PTI is a partner of ENERGY STAR, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that helps us all save energy and money with tested and proven energy-efficient products and practices.

Through ENERGY STAR, EPA delivers no-cost tools and resources to help governments, organizations and businesses reduce energy use, save money, and help fight global climate change.

Local governments grapple with tightening budgets, but nearly one-third of the energy used to run typical government buildings goes to waste. EPA provides local governments a proven energy management strategy and tools to demonstrate their environmental leadership.

For any local government looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within its jurisdiction, it is imperative that officials pay special attention to the buildings in the community. Opportunities to reduce the emissions in buildings are significant, since as much as 30% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is often used unnecessarily or inefficiently.