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Energy/Environment Technology Council Mission

The Energy/Environment Technology Council offers a combination of experience, skills, and expertise to help local governments:

  • Use energy more efficiently and at lower costs through the application of energy management and energy conservation technologies;
  • Balance, in a sustainable manner, economic development and quality-of-life issues;
  • Develop and implement innovative approaches to the management and delivery of urban energy and environmental services; and
  • Prevent, rather than correct pollution and other environmental problems whenever economically feasible.

The Energy/Environment Technology Council identifies critical areas for research, development, and public enterprise and suggests appropriate partnerships and structures to make these ideas realities.

The Council acts as an urban laboratory, developing responsive tools and technologies and making these available to all local governments. It guides and monitors the development of innovative research projects, as well as public businesses launched in the open marketplace.

The Council is involved in ongoing research and projects initiatives addressing homeland security, clean air and water technologies, renewable energy technologies, sustainability issues and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Its work is accomplished through the voluntary contributions of local government environmental and energy officials who exchange information, best practices and solutions, working in partnership with the private sector.

Members can participate in the Council in several ways:

  • Electronic communications, best practice sharing and problem-solving via discussion forums and web-based seminars on the PTI web site;
  • Two face-to-face meetings a year: as part of the annual PTI conference and a mid-year meeting in the fall;
  • Participation in research projects. These usually take the form of focus group discussions or pilot test demonstrations. Outcomes of these projects include partnerships with industry, white papers and guidebooks that are disseminated to all local governments.

Council members also participate in federal research initiatives that PTI manages. Programs include the "Local Initiatives with NARAC and Local Cities" (LINC) funded by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Chemical and Biological National Security Program (CBNP), and a Homeland Security Technology Transfer Program funded by the same agency.

To participate in PTI’s Energy/Environment Technology Council, please contact Ronda Mosley , 937-667-4142.