Jurisdiction Members

Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456.

Public Technology Institute (PTI) promotes the professional development of technology executives, practitioners and elected officials – helping them respond to the challenges facing America’s cities and counties. Consider these membership benefits:

  • Solutions Awards and Innovation Labs programs highlight, on a national stage, achievements and solutions developed by PTI member governments as well as member officials. PTI also works with the press to raise awareness of technology issues and to showcase PTI member initiatives.
  • Participation in PTI Councils and Forums enables member officials to connect with their peers in-person and online, honing PTI's yearly research agenda in the areas of Chief Information Officers, Sustainability (Energy & Environment), Public Safety Technology and Geospatial Information Systems.
  • The PTI Technology Solutions and Innovations Conference is an annual event where you can network with your counterparts from across the country, and participate in educational programs. PTI members receive discounts on admission to this and other PTI seminars and webinars.
  • Annual CIO Summit is an invitation-only event that brings together member CIOs and members of PTI’s corporate partner program to dialog on the major technology issues that will impact local government in the coming year.
  • Access to member-only content such as Solutions Awards abstracts on the PTI website.
  • Subscription to Technology Matters, an E-mail newsletter that keeps you informed on developments in the technology world.
  • Discounts on job postings and candidate contacts at PublicTechJobs.com, a website that connects local governments with job seekers interested in technology related positions.
  • Technology advisory services designed to assist and support local governments over the short or long-term, with special requests in a variety of subject areas including technology governance and strategic planning.
  • Environmental consulting services through the PTI-Cadmus Group Environmental Alliance, for those implementing environmental regulations, mandates or ordinances.
  • All municipal and county governments are eligible to become PTI members. When a jurisdiction joins PTI, all of its officials and staff have access to PTI benefits.

The fees for PTI's annual Technology Support Services are based on U.S. Census city and county estimates of jurisdiction population.