Tech Savvy Designation Award Program

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PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456

What It Means to Be Tech Savvy

Every year, PTI member local governments are invited to apply for designation as a Tech Savvy city, county or state. The PTI member governments designated as Tech Savvy meet or exceeded the following nine criterions:

  • Adhere to a Stated Standard of Ethics
  • Performance Management Practices are Embraced and the Government Uses Data/Business Intelligence to Drive Decision-Making
  • Department Directors meet on a Regular Basis and have a Good Flow of Communication, and Identify Areas for Collaboration around Technology Solutions
  • Professional Development is Encouraged Across the Jurisdiction
  • A Jurisdiction-Wide Technology Plan has been Created, Discussed, Documented and Disseminated
  • Active Training and Awareness of Cybersecurity and Network Security
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Green Technology Initiatives across the Enterprise
  • A Culture of Technology Innovation is Embraced
  • Adhere to a Stated Standard of Excellence