PTI Awards Six Jurisdictions with the 2016 Tech Savvy Designation!

PTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456.

PTI's Local Government Tech Savvy Designation Award Program recognizes PTI member local governments that meet a list of criterions where technology is used to address issues, current challenges and future opportunities across the enterprise.

During its third year, PTI presented the Tech Savvy Award to six jurisdictions that have proven they have exceptional talent, great ideas, a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, creativity, technology leadership and proven technology best practices across the entire enterprise. The six designated jurisdictions are:

Durham County, NC
Evanston, IL
Mesa, AZ
Montgomery County, MD
Pinellas County, FL
Sacramento County, CA

PTI congratulates these jurisdictions for their hard work and their organizational vision, leadership and commitment to the use of technology.

Designation as a PTI Tech Savvy Local Government has two main themes:

  1. To recognize PTI member local governments who meet the criterion developed by PTI that represent a "culture" of excellence through technology governance and practices across the enterprise.
  2. To highlight enterprise–wide technology policy and program achievements of PTI member jurisdictions to others, including associated professionals and other associations.

What Does it Mean to be Tech Savvy?

Every year, PTI member local governments are invited to apply for designation as a Tech Savvy city or county. The six PTI member local governments designated as Tech Savvy for 2016 met or exceeded the following nine criterions:

  • Adhere to a Stated Standard of Ethics
  • Performance Management Practices are Embraced and the Government Uses Data/Business Intelligence to Drive Decision-Making
  • Department Directors meet on a Regular Basis and have a Good Flow of Communication, and Identify Areas for Collaboration around Technology Solutions
  • Professional Development is Encouraged Across the Jurisdiction
  • A Jurisdiction-Wide Technology Plan has been Created, Discussed, Documented and Disseminated
  • Active Training and Awareness of Cybersecurity and Network Security
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Green Technology Initiatives across the Enterprise
  • A Culture of Technology Innovation is Embraced
  • Adhere to a Stated Standard of Excellence

2016 PTI Tech Savvy Jurisdiction Highlights