PTI Announces 2014 Web 2.0 Winning Jurisdictions

web 2.0+ State & Local Government Award - harnessing the Power of Civic MediaPTI Staff Contact: Dale Bowen, Deputy Executive Director for Program Development, 202-626-2456.

PTI proudly announces the winners of the 2014 Web 2.0 State & Local Government Awards & Recognition Program. This annual awards program identifies best practices and excellence in the field of Web 2.0 and civic/social networking and citizen engagement in local and state government.

Applications were received from cities, counties, and states from across the country. PTI’s panel of judges selected these award-winning applications based on their exceptional accomplishments in citizen engagement, innovative technology utilization, accountability, mobile application development and usage, economic development and training and education.

2014 Local Government Winners

Boston, MA – Boston Social: Social Community
What the Judges Noticed: The panel of judges were very impressed by the city’s use of multiple technologies, application usage and the high rate of citizen participation.

Evanston, IL – 311 Live Web Chat
What the Judges Noticed: In this application, the judges noted the clever and innovative leveraging of 311 staff via web chat.

Philadelphia, PA – Philly 311 & Exceptional Innovation
What the Judges Noticed: The panel of judges were impressed with Philadelphia’s integrated 311 system, the unique translation features, and the City’s focus on security.

Raleigh, NC – Unified Development Ordinance Zoning Remapping Application
What the Judges Noticed:  The judges noted that this program is extremely visual, easy to understand and informative making it appealing to the public.

Santa Monica, CA – People’s Academy
What the Judges Noticed: While many local governments have created academies, Santa Monica has taken an interesting approach using technology to really enhance citizen involvement and gathering citizen input.

2014 State Government Winners

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control – Hunter & Trapper Registration
What the Judges Noticed: The department’s application displayed an impressive use of mobility, technology, and database utilization to improve daily operational efficiency, and to improve customer service.

Utah – Google Apps, Google Plus, Google Hangouts
What the Judges Noticed: The judges highlighted that by using Google+ social media, Utah is able to drive more use and participation of its technology services, adding 10,000 new followers per month with an excellent integration of systems.

Why PTI Recognizes Excellence in Web 2.0 & Civic/Social Media

Web 2.0 and civic/social media technologies are dynamic tools for informing and interacting with the public about issues affecting the community, encouraging collaboration for improved communications and service delivery, and engaging the public in government decision-making.

The dictates for government entities are clear: cut costs through greater efficiencies, not service reductions; understand and maximize the power of new technologies; and provide communication channels of choice to citizens, including new social media applications and options.

To meet the challenges and to maximize the opportunities, governments must:

  • Be responsive in their selection of communication channels
  • Know how to deploy new technologies quickly with minimal risks
  • Know how to ensure sustainability for those technologies and the processes and services they support
  • Expand their knowledge of effective application models
  • Foster innovative ideas to target and connect with citizens, employees, businesses and other government agencies
  • Enlist and benefit from the competencies of technology partners
  • Recognize the value of system flexibility to meet future transformations in technology

Web 2.0 implementation is not just a series of single initiatives; rather, it is becoming a strategic and inherent way of doing business. Government leadership will be demonstrated by those organizations that adopt and leverage the most effective business models.

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