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Introducing Public Technology Institute

Public Technology Institute actively supports local government executives and elected officials through research, education, executive-level consulting services, and national recognition programs.

As the only technology organization created by and for cities and counties, PTI works with a core network of leading local officials — the PTI membership — to identify research opportunities, provide thought leadership and professional development opportunities, share solutions, provide technology support services, recognize member achievements and address the many technology issues that impact local government. In 2014, the PTI Board of Directors approved a new membership category for state agencies.


  • Offers professional development training, publications, e-books, and seminars and summits designed for the local government technologist.
  • Creates partnerships between local government, private industry and federal agencies to ensure that jurisdictions have access to the latest and most effective technology solutions.
  • Recognizes local government innovators with awards and recognition programs.
  • Serves as the national voice for technology development and dissemination within local government.
  • Partners with leading national media and academic institutions to showcase local government technology issues.

Focus Areas

PTI research and program areas include information technology and telecommunications services, energy and environment, E-government/mobile government, citizen engagement and responsive government, public safety technology, and infrastructure assurance and security. Within each of these focus areas PTI provides a number of research and educational activities. These include:

  • Technology support services;
  • Professional Development, including the Certified Government CIO program (CGCIO™);
  • Surveys on technology-related topics, including the state of City/County IT;
  • Active online discussion lists for information sharing;
  • Books, publications and expert papers and case study guides;
  • Online learning through webinars (more than 20 a year);
  • Topical seminars and annual CIO and Leadership Summit.

PTI’s Most Recognized Assets

  1. Convenes councils and forums of leading technology practitioners in local governments;
  2. Seeks unique partnerships that result in grant-funded research projects;
  3. Maintains superior media relations and strong working relationships with other national associations and universities;
  4. Sustains committed professional staff, and a network of key strategic advisors;
  5. Publishes timely, topical books, case-study guides and web resources of interest to local officials;
  6. Celebrates member achievements through awards and recognition programs.


Established in 1971 by the several major national associations representing state and local governments, PTI is the advocate and resource for early adopters and thought leaders who have a passion for the furtherance and wise deployment of technology. PTI's initial funding was through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

PTI: The Local Government Technology Network for…Innovation…Collaboration…Government Entrepreneurship…Citizen Engagement